Carolyn Mueller

Background and Interests
Carolyn is an administrative assistant at Sun Microsystems in Broomfield, Colorado. She was born in Oklahoma, and spent much of her pre-Colorado adult life in Texas. She has two sons and a granddaughter from a previous marriage, all of whom live in Texas, but visit us in Colorado every summer.

In addition to traveling, dancing and dogs (see link to Steve Mueller), Carolyn loves gardening and porcelain dolls. In the spring and summer, our front and back yards are the most colorful in the neighborhood. Tulips, geraniums, irises, roses, marigolds, daffodils... The list is long.

Carolyn makes and collects porcelain dolls. She became interested in doll making when she noticed an impressive exhibit in the window of a craft studio. A short conversation with the owner and she was signed up for classes. Since that time, nearly a decade ago, she has made several dolls a year. In most cases, Carolyn also makes the clothes for each doll. My father enjoys woodworking and has made numerous pieces of doll furniture and accessories for Carolyn. These include cribs, chairs, benches, desks, wagons, tables, etc. The quality of Carolyn's dolls is excellent. Recently, her current doll-making mentor has been encouraging Carolyn to enter her best dolls into competition. Carolyn also collects dolls, mostly foreign dolls from some of the various countries that we have visited. She has dolls from Japan, England, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

Other interests include photography and genealogy.

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